Regardless of your budget, regardless of your brand, Arctiphi is here to help.

Here's how we do it...



We believe everyone should have access to top-tier marketing knowledge. 


While other agencies horde information in a lock-box, arctiphi has something for everyone:




Arc 1 membership (free):

  • All of Arctiphi's medium articles

  • weekly newsletter

  • ebooks

  • facebook content

  • and more!



arc 2 membership ($24 per month): 

  • access to exclusive, monthly webinars where we answer your questions & give you valuable advice on how to crush it in the social media world.

  • 20% off all merchandise and consulting sessions

  • Automatic entry into our monthly Free one-on-one strategy session giveaway



arc 3 option ($80 per hour):

  • one jam-packed strategy session with one of the founders of arctiphi! this session will be one-on-one and 100% customized to your brand.



Arc 4 experience (20% of social media Ad spend):

  • For brands with monthly social media ad spends exceeding $3,000 and more, arctiphi will create + manage + optimize all of your ads!

  • The cost here is a flat rate of 20% of your monthly ad spend. 

  • Referral program: If you successfully refer someone to our arc 4 experience, your flat fee will drop to 15%.