Dakota Shane (left) & Dylan Blake (Right) are co-founders...And Brothers.

Growing up, we were always obsessed with stories. Both of our parents were artists. Family game nights would quickly turn into improv exercises much like Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Above all, that's who we still are: storytellers. Writing screenplays, short stories, documentaries, and filming movies was our idea of a perfect day of fun.

Our passion lies in creating content that will drive results for our clients. That feeling of creating something from nothing is our adrenaline, our oxygen.

Starting an agency was a natural progression of our creative upbringing. And in the summer of 2015 (after a couple chilled IPAs and stouts), we decided to put our heads and pennies together and start an agency. That was the day Arctiphi was born.

Social media is amazing because it allows brands to tell a countless amount of stories. Day after day. Hour after hour. Minute after minute. This is why we chose social media as the direction we wanted for Arctiphi.

For our clients and members of our audience, our mission is empowerment.

We don't just want to do work for our clients. We want to empower them so they learn along the way as well. This is exactly why we provide complimentary consulting, sit-downs, and resources for our clients. This is also why our co-founder, Dakota Shane, writes so much online content on Inc.com and on Medium.

We strive every single day to be the best marketing partners you've ever had. After we work together, we hope you feel the same.

-Dakota Shane & Dylan Blake